What I do

As a hybrid information designer, I work with an inherently interdisciplinary approach. I combined qualitative methods from across the social sciences with design research, visual thinking and information design. My work and research interests are oriented towards the conceptual aspects of information design, the creation of diagrams, design research, and the development of methods and tools to improve understanding to enhance professional practice and education.

I am involved in the following three design dimensions:


Undergraduate & Postgraduate Levels
Teaching & Supervisor: information design, design thinking, visual thinking, design research, qualitative research methods, graphic design, typography.
Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (UK)

Workshops & Training Sessions
Facilitation and delivery of workshops for organisations and professionals from different backgrounds to help develop the skills to effectively communicate information and manage complex problems.


UKVAC Research Project. Focused on studying information users and sensemaking of visualisations. Sensemaking is the process of manipulating, restructuring, exploring, reorganising and reflecting on information to understand it. Through this process we create and discover patterns which allow us to give meaning to experiences. When visualisations are created in response to their target-users’ needs, they enhance and support the sensemaking process.

SerenA Research Project. Focused on understanding information users’ behaviours (searching, filtering, using and interacting with information), and the phenomenon of serendipity.


Working on a varied range of projects from consultancy, project management and research strategy development to design of information graphics, diagrams and editorial outcomes.

I have produced work for the following companies and design studios:

2CV. Qualitative and Quantitative Research Agency

Atrium Books

Baalbaki Group S.A.

B-Guided Cultural Magazine

Binamic Design Studio

EFFIO/Digital Creative Studio

Elsevier Iberoamérica. Health Science Division

FIBA Scientific Institution

Gaby Herbstein Photography. Studio

La Vanguardia Newspaper (Grupo Godó)

MC Ediciones

Mind the Ad

Chameleon Strategy. Social and Environmental Research Consultancy

Schavelzon & Ludueña Book Design

Smack Digital Agency


University of Barcelona

University of the Arts London (TrAIN Research Centre, Information Environments Research Unit)

Uscreates. Designing Social Changes

Please visit the company site for more work samples.


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